Strategic finance made easy.

Collaborative financial planning and controlling in real-time empowering finance teams to drive business performance and make better decisions

Fully automate your planning process

Create workflows that allow your business partners to seamlessly update their budgets and forecasts. Build custom templates to fully reflect the structure of your business plan and grant individual reading/writing permissions.

Create a single source of truth

Connect your existing systems in seconds and bring all operational and financial data together in one place. Pectus provides interfaces to your most important tools, no tedious implementation or changes to your current processes required.

See where your business stands in real-time

Don’t rely on backward looking reports any longer. Enjoy a real time view on your business plan, P&L and cash flow statements and refresh whenever you want.

Generate insights with all information at your fingertips

Flexibly compare your actuals/forecasts to your plan and drill down to the lowest level of your numbers. Use customizable analysis functions to understand your most critical metrics.

Seamlessly collaborate with your business partner

Share financial data with your colleagues and use Pectus collaboration features to assign tasks, responsibilities and deadlines. Pectus is the only tool you will need to handle all finance topics.

Unlock the full potential of your finance department

Functional collaboration

Work closely with your business partners in one shared workspace

Real time analysis

Enjoy a live view on your business instead of waiting for monthly closing

No more data silos

Single source of truth with all relevant data in one place

High level of granularity

Drill down to the lowest level to understand deviations

Incremental time savings

Reduce the time spent for financial planning and accounting up to 80%

Maximum flexibility

Keep the flexibility of your excel files while enjoying the perks of a software solution

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