Data Analytics

Control your Costs
See where your business stands in real time and drill down to single booking level.
Track and analyse crucial KPIs
Create any KPI and analyse its drivers on an operational levelto fully understand what drives your business.
Understand Your Data
Flexibly integrate and visualise your data from several data sources to detect trends and correlations.
With Pectus
Automated aggregation
Automated aggregation of data in real-time
Manual copy & paste
Manual copy & paste of .csv-inputs of actual and budget data from several sources
Intelligent highlighting
Intelligent highlighting of core insights with convenient drill-down to the lowest level
Line-by-line comparison
Time-consuming line-by-line comparison with frequent switching between systems
Customized workspaces
Automated results sharing in customized workspaces
Manually created reports
Result sharing via email in manually created reports

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Collaborative Planning

Use all your data
Increase your planning accuracy by utilising your data from all relevant sources.
Involve budget owners
Involve all relevant budget owners in the planning process with next level collaboration features.
See the impact
Understand changes in core assumptions with intuitive, driver-tree based planning models.
With Pectus
Holistic workflow
With maximum automation, clear deliverables and responsibilities
Scattered communication
Multiple iterations without version tracking and scattered communication across multiple channels
Flexible input
Collection in holistic driver tree models
Manual input
Manual input collection with inflexible excel templates
Predictive Forecasts
System-generated predictive forecasts based on internal & external data sources
No transparency
Inputs based on “best guesses” without transparency of interdependencies

Real Time Reporting

Create a single Source of Truth
With Pectus you can access all of your relevant financial and non-financial data
Build Real Time Dashboards
Build real time dashboards to monitor and share your business performance across your team.
Share with stakeholders
Share your performance with relevant external stakeholders with custom read-only dashboards.
“Pectus helps us a lot, because it gives us a clear overview of our expenditures and revenues, and enables us to understand our performance.”
- Emanuel Breitsameter, Chief Operating Officer at Alasco
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