Financials and Resources

Accounting & ERP Integrations

Bring your accounting data out of closed down data silos and make it accessible to those who can act on it.
Easily determine how different products and departments of your business are performing.
Get predictable insights into your future cash runway by combining accounting and CRM data.
Use your actuals as the basis of your forecasts and control your costs and revenue.
Headcount and Hiring

Human Resources Integration

Headcount and Hiring

Human Resources Integration

Integrate your personell and recruiting data to accurately plan your headcount for each department.
Have a clear overview of costs in your team by combining positions like salary, benefits, training and travel budgets.
Analyse KPIs such as time-to-hire and revenue-per-sales rep and fully understand the impact of your hires.
Customers and Sales

CRM Integration

Customers and Sales

CRM Integration

Integrate your CRM data with your HR, ERP and Accounting data to calculate and track all relevant KPIs.
Accurately plan your revenue by integrating your HR planning with your CRM data.
Analyse your customers and determine the most promising target groups with retention and churn analyses.
Individual Set-up

Other Integrations

Integrate your other relevant systems with Pectus to understand every angle of your business and plan accordingly.
Reduce your time to value by integrating existing spreadsheet models into Pectus.
Fully understand how much you are spending on external contractors and freelancers and plan accordingly.
Directly connect Pectus with your data lake or BI tools to make sure you are always using consistent data.

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